Wednesday , 3 March 2021
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About us is a project with the objective of spreading authentic knowledge about the East. The creator and writers on this blog are themselves from the Middle East or have spent years studying it. All the material on the website aims to provide an alternative view of issues and events in the “developing world,” something that we feel is lacking in the western corporate media. Another goal of is to provide an outlet for young scholars to share their knowledge.


  • Become a platform for alternative ideas, paradigm and news.
  • Be the voice of the oppressed – the [role of the] intellectual… cannot be played without a sense of being someone whose place it is publicly to raise embarrassing questions, to confront orthodoxy and dogma (rather than to produce them), to be someone who cannot easily be co-opted by governments or corporations, and whose raison d’etre is to represent all those people and issues that are routinely forgotten or swept under the rug.Edward Said.


  • By 2020 Anti-Orientalist aims to become one of top 50 go-to blogs for alternative news and ideas about the orient.

Areas of Focus

  • Countering corporate and simplistic narrative in current affairs.
  • Provide platform for alternative ideas and news.
  • Provide a platform for a genuine discussion on Islam and the current events in the MENA region.
  • Be a platform for alternative ideas in the area of governance.

Who are We?

Our core team consists of volunteers working in academia and journalism. Our Blog is more about ideas then individuals, therefore, let the people factor go and let the ideas factor in.

We will feature guest writers from around the globe. If you feel that your input is valuable for our project please feel free to contact us.

Our Mission, Vision & Focus