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US Policies Help Fund Terrorism

For the USA, the ends justify the means whatever the results. This is what we relearned today in the testimony of General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in front of a Senate committee. Dempsey accused Arab allies of funding IS, the discussion that followed was as interesting, as much as it was telling, of US policies:

   Dempsey: I know of Arab allies who fund ISIS

Senator Graham’s interrupted Dempsey that accused those Arab countries of funding IS. He defended them by saying that “they fund them because the Free Syrian Army couldn’t beat Assad, they were trying to beat Assad, they realized the folly of their ways”, and then insisted that these countries, same countries that fund them, don’t embrace them. Graham’s response, with all its naivety and ignorance,  embodies everything wrong with US policy in the Middle East.

The Americans knew that their Arab allies funded the monster that we know today as IS, and they did not do anything about it. They did not sanction these countries financially, politically, or in any other way. On the contrary, they punished countries and groups that are fighting against IS and other terrorist groups. Their silence is a sign of agreement and complicity. However, the American administration has a history of starting, or help start, a fire they can’t extinguish. Not until it burns one of their innocent people, like Foley and Sotloff, that they realize their strategies were, in Graham’s words, folly.

An easy research will show that Al-Qaeda, the world’s most infamous terrorist organization, came to being with the help of the Americans (planning), Arab oil monarchies (funding), and Pakistan (Execution). The final goal then was to fight the USSR in Afghanistan. The Mujahideen, as they were known back then, succeeded in driving the soviets out. However, they turned to be a greater danger to world peace than the cold war. The American administration didn’t realize their great threat until innocent Americans lost their lives on September 11 2001, which lead to disastrous military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Double standards, hypocritical, careless, idiotic, arrogant, choose whichever adjective you want to describe American policies in the Middle East, but the result is: the American administration is as complicit in killing innocent American and non-American people, as much as any terrorist group or Gulf monarchy.

Back to the testimony of Dempsey. The Americans know about the funding of their allies to IS and other terrorist groups. Moreover, Turkey, a Nato member, was involved in facilitating logistical and financial support, as well as their access to Syria and Iraq. The American administration was consensually  silent about it because they wanted to topple the Syrian regime. If this indicates one thing is that the Americans don’t learn or don’t want to learn from their mistakes. For the American administration, the ends justify the means, even if the means included terrorism.

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