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Don’t Like Anthony Weiner’s Actions? Stop Cultivating Them.

Don’t Like Anthony Weiner’s Actions? Stop Cultivating Them.

The entire Anthony Weiner saga is a manifestation of inconsistent societal values. The US society prides itself in American Pie type of youth culture and its government constantly uses the party lifestyle as dumbed-down liberalism and an element in its soft-power, so it is very confusing when the corporate US media voices a disapproval of Anthony Weiner’s behavior. People should be upset at the system that cultivates the behavior of Weiner and not focus on the psychological issues of one individual.

According to PBS “in a 2008 study of 1,988 advertisements from 50 well known American magazines, researchers from Wesleyan University found that half of them show women as sex objects. A woman was considered a sex object depending on her posture, facial expression, make-up, activity, camera angle and amount of skin shown.”

If the Weiner was a fictional character and his story would be a movie, it would probably be widely marketed and people in many parts of the world would simply laugh it off. What most people condemning Weiner’s behavior do not realize is that the corporate media and the powerful US entertainment industry project a life philosophy that makes Weiner’s behavior cool or at worst just humorous.

One does not need to look into the movie industry to see the constant advocacy for hedonistic outlook on life; the entire so called liberal governing philosophy which creates obsessions with Fifty Shades of Grey and Spring break party culture is responsible for producing personalities like Weiner. So why does it “lynch” Weiner type characters the moment they succumb to their partly innate weaknesses? It is probably because morality is not subjective as Hollywood and proponents of distorted liberalism want us all to assume, there are innate universal moral and spiritual values and ideals within every human that need to be cultivated, not the animalistic desires present within people.

To be fair, the blame for cultivating Anthony Weiner type behavior should not be only on the corporate media but also on social media culture cultivating self-worship, of which many of us are also part of to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, there will be many Weiner’s in public virtual space in metaphorical and literal sense, but the so called most powerful nation in the world will simply “lynch” them for their perversion which their distorted liberal governing philosophy has been cultivating worldwide since 1945.

So if you are upset with Anthony Weiner’s actions and find them immoral, you should also ask some existential questions about the country that takes pride in marketing one of its cities as the Sin City.

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