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Are Muslims Ready to Use Trump’s Presidency?

Daniel Haqiqatjou, a prominent Muslim-American blogger and intellectual, in his widely read column Why Trump Is Surprisingly Good for Muslims, published in August 2016, Haqiqatjou makes a well-researched argument that “if trump wins the presidency the US political cast identifying itself as Democrat will likely latch on to the Muslim cause like never before. We saw shades of this during the Bush terms.”

In the same lengthy article Haqiqatjou puts forward an argument that if Trump wins the presidency, Muslims in the US and worldwide will gain support from various segments of society and gain many sociopolitical allies fighting racism. This will give Muslims an opportunity to address Islamophobia with more impact than it is done today.


Those interested in fully understanding Haqiqatjou’s opinion, should read the above mentioned column in its entirety.

In this commentary we are not going to discuss whether or not Haqiqatjou’s well researched perspective is right or wrong.

We are going to examine the capability of Muslims, specifically those living in Western non-Muslim societies to deal with Trump’s presidency.

Most Muslim organizations in the West frame their activities within the secular-liberal parameters with a minor Islamic flavor.

Trump’s presidency, which is unlikely to happen, would push Muslim organizations into an unequal alliance with groups and organizations who will dictate the paradigm of the superficial struggle against Trump’s bigotry. Why? Muslims in the West have not been able to develop an indigenous paradigm in order to participate in the grand political show within Western countries on Quid pro quo (something for something) basis.

Also, the reality is that many mainstream sociopolitical groupings in the US and Europe silently desire what Trump is stating publicly. Trump’s presidency will simply provide those mainstream Islamophobes with an excuse of why Islamophobia is becoming an official state policy and why Muslims should collaborate with them on their terms. Also, an alliance against Trump’s presidency will be an alliance of weak and disunited Muslim organizations with far better financed and organized selfish groups like the “Democratic” party in the US.

Poor competence on a grand scale of Islamic sociopolitical organizations in the West and in the Muslim world has been manifested in their understanding of events in Syria. Just because the corporate media, dominated by Western interests painted the proxy-war in Syria in sectarian terms, many Muslims worldwide bought the sectarian narrative of the events.  For example, in August 2016, Indian army has unleashed a brutal crackdown on the people in occupied Kashmir, but Muslim attention was focused only on Aleppo because that’s what the Western regimes wanted Muslims to focus on.

Since the start of the proxy-war in Syria, Muslims in the West and the East almost completely forgot that they are cheering on a struggle against the only Arab-Islamic movement that defeated Zionism, namely Hizbullah.  If Muslim sociopolitical organizations in the West and in the Muslim world cannot set their basic priorities in an independent fashion, how can they take on the sophisticated imperialist machine in Washington on its own turf without being co-opted?

The main advantage of Trump’s presidency for Muslims would be his incompetence and the alienation he might create with traditional strategic allies of US imperialism. But again, Muslims in the West and most Islamic movements in the Muslim world have not reached the maturity level of being able to exploit Trump’s potential incompetent presidency.

The author of this column is not suggesting that Hillary Clinton is the better option for the US citizens or people suffering from the US imperialism. But, unfortunately, the Muslims are not prepared to take a sophisticated advantage from the highly unlikely Trump presidency. In order to reach this level of sophistication, Muslims must lean on a working Islamic model as an intellectual reference point in the Muslim world, like the Jewish groups lean on Israel for guidance.

The reality is that with all its flaws, apart from the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is no Islamic working model in the Muslim world. Washington’s soft-power machinations and the Saudi money made sure that many Muslims view Iran outside of the Islamic parameters. Therefore, unlike Jewish groups that have managed to create an independent sociopolitical paradigm within Western countries with Israeli assistance, Muslims will lack a much needed reference point.

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