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Donald Trump a one term president ? – At the moment highly unlikely



While many people are bewildered that a character like Donald Trump  is the president of a powerful country like the United States of America, many hope that he will be a one term president, but we tend to disagree with this. In fact, at the moment Trump’s re-election chances look pretty high, as his modus operandi and the way it is marketed is simplistic, it appeals to an average Joe.


All US presidents when begging for money from AIPAC during election campaigns, promised to open a US embassy in occupied Al-Quds, but only Donald Trump did it. Of course, it was an immature political move which weakened Washington’s soft-power in the Muslim world, but the way the Donald Trump crowd advertised it, appeals to an average person. It sends a message that Donald Trump is an honest guy who does what he says. This along with Trump’s other immature and silly moves sends a powerful message to the politically unsavvy masses in the US.


One of the biggest mistakes most anti-Trump activists, politicians and pundits are making since his presidency is constantly overanalyzing Trump’s policies and actions. Donald Trump is not a politician or a statesman in a conventional and classical sense. Trump is a manifestation of the malfunction of Washington’s political selection system and a sign of the empires decline.


With all the above considered, the impeachment of Trump and him certainly being a one term president are highly unlikely. Trump’s primitive steps and statements might not be appealing to the educated and politically savvy segments of the global public, but they are very effective within his constituency. Therefore, those betting on Trump losing the next presidential elections are basing their calculations on a flawed paradigm.


The primary way to facilitate a one term presidency of Donald Trump is to start thinking about how destructive the second term of his presidency will be. Why? Trump knows that he cannot be a president for the third term, thus he will not care how his policies workout. As Trump is driven by personal ego, the only thing which is restraining his ignorance and unpredictability is the fear of being the first one term US president in decades. Since his opponents have not demonstrated credibility to the US masses and a strong desire to reform the US’s rotting political culture and system, Donald Trump still looks like a better option to many average US citizens.




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