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Thank God for Democracy!

Democracy. What a wonderful word. If you live somewhere where your parliament is elected and you take voting for granted, light a candle and count your blessings. We live in very interesting times where democracy is flourishing all around the globe. The people in developing countries have finally figured out the importance of voting and are now spilling blood to retake this inalienable right that was confiscated by bloody tyrants. People of developed countries, having mastered the ballots game, are now enjoying its fruits and experiencing with eccentric political choices.

In France, for example,  the “front national” have been recently found to best  represent the land of  “equality, liberty, and fraternity.” A majority of French people see in the progressive Le Pen family an adequate representative of the values of the french revolution.  After all, Democracy doesn’t mean at all the acceptance of filthy immigrants into the superior french culture. The Island of Britain, in a timeless rivalry with the french, introduced their own flavour of “nationalist” parties. The UK independence party (UKIP) has won the most seats in the latest European elections ousting the other far right party the BNP whose president described the UKIP policies as racist. When one racist calls your policies racist that means you have outdone yourself, well done chap!

Greece, the birthplace of democracy (Although many historians believe that Socrates was being satirical and wanted tyrannical rule), has a new contender on the political scene. The “Golden Dawn” party ran the last election under the slogan “so we can rid this land of filth” and actually won third place. With also only two places away from the lead came the Danish People’s Party in Denmark, a Nordic country known for its humanitarian efforts worldwide. The founder of this party that encompasses high liberal values was quoted saying “If they want to turn Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö into a Scandinavian Beirut, with clan wars, honour killings and gang rapes, let them do it. We can always put a barrier on the Øresund Bridge” and we all know that honour killings are Lebanon’s national sport.

Those are some of many examples of how democracies in the west have evolved to become stronger, healthier, and more representative. For more examples of how democracy is blossoming all throughout Europe you can check: National Democratic Party (Germany), Finns (Finland), Party For Freedom (the Netherlands), Jobbik (Hungary), Austrian Freedom (Austria).

The developing countries are making an even better progress than their developed counterparts. India, the world’s biggest democracy, just managed to elect an ultra-nationalist into power. Narendra Modi succeeded in ousting the National Congress, India’s oldest party, from power. Unlike European nationalist parties however, the phobia of the indian party is not directed towards immigrants but to other indians from different religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The Arab world itself is swept away with a wave of democratic practices led by Army Colonels and Extremist Jihadists. The scene is so surreal that it could fit right into one of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novels. the people are electing candidates that represent everything they fear into power. It doesn’t stop here, Archaic petrol monarchies are actually financing the liberation movements, in other countries of course. In other places the Americans are fighting alongside Al-Qaeda affiliated groups against tyrannical and naughty regimes so they could hold elections monitored by EU observers.

It is a Fiesta of brotherly love and everyone is invited! come and bring along all the synonyms of democracy, liberty,  human rights, and every other cliche word you can think about. There are still many souls to save.


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