Friday , 4 December 2020
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US Policies Help Fund Terrorism

ISIS, IS, USA, ISIL, Islamic State, Terrorism, Syria, Iraq, Policy, Arab Monarchies, Oil, Al-Qaeda, Pakistan, Turkey

For the USA, the ends justify the means whatever the results. This is what we relearned today in the testimony of General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in front of a Senate committee. Dempsey accused Arab allies of funding IS, the discussion that followed was as interesting, as much as it was telling, of US policies:    Dempsey: I know of ... Read More »

EU Financing IS With Blood Oil (VIDEO INSIDE)

EU, Islamic State, Terrorism, Blood Oil, Iraq, Syria, Jihad

Jana Hybaskova, Head of the EU Delegation in Iraq EP Committee on Foreign Affairs, declared today that some European countries are buying oil from the Islamic State (IS) (Video below). In a panel on Crises in the EU wider neighbourhood (Iraq and Ukraine), Hybaskova warned that such actions are financing the terrorist activities of the organization. Estimates talk of figures close to  sixteen ... Read More »

Thank God for Democracy!

Orientalism, Racism, voting, ballots, front national, UKIP

Democracy. What a wonderful word. If you live somewhere where your parliament is elected and you take voting for granted, light a candle and count your blessings. We live in very interesting times where democracy is flourishing all around the globe. The people in developing countries have finally figured out the importance of voting and are now spilling blood to ... Read More »

Is Being “Anti-Orientalist” A Bad Thing?

Orientalism- Anti-Orientalist- Citizenship

The featured article covers a topic relevant to the theme of the anti-orientalist project as a whole. It talks about how being anti-orientalist can actually be a bad thing. The author, Rahila Gupta, talks about the negative aspect of being orientalist and as she calls it anti-orientalist. She rightly points to how some adversaries of orientalism use it  to advance ... Read More »

Lebanese Media Retaliates Against Politicians’ Crackdown

Dima Sadek, LBCI, Lebanon, Freedom of the press, anti-orientalist, corruption

Article originally published on (copyright Protected).  A video of a talk show recently went viral in Lebanon in defence of freedom of expression. This should send a warning signal to media outlets across the country about what is taking place behind the scenes. A video of a Lebanese political daily show went viral recently when the host and the interviewee ... Read More »

Every country has a Bouazizi

Orientalism, anti-orientalist, Tony Benn, social injustice, arab spring, women's rights

The plaque below is in memory of an activist who fought for women’s right to vote in Britain circa 1910. Emily Wilding Davison threw herself under the King’s horse to draw attention to her cause. Circa 2011,  Mouhamad Bouazizi burned himself outside a police station in Tunisia to protest economic injustice and corruption.  Two people, two eras, same struggles against social ... Read More »

Orientalism and Media- Book Excerpt

Dabashi (1)

Today’s piece (300+/- Words) is an excerpt from: Hamid Dabashi. “The Arab Spring: The End of Postcolonialism, 222-224” A thoroughly analytical book of the “Arab Spring.” I chose this excerpt because it is very much aligned with the message of the anti-orientalist project: Information is best when reflected by people with comprehensive understanding of it and its context, when knowledge ... Read More »

Scholars Warning Against Intellectual Terrorism

Anti-Orientalist, Academia, Orientalism, BDS, Israel

In consortium with the recent successful activities of the BDS movement (Boycott, divestment, and Sanctions against Israel) and following the boycott of the American Studies Association (ASA) of Israeli academic institutions, a group of scholars and intellectuals have issued and signed a statement that warns against actions that threaten freedom of speech and expression. Judith Butler and Rashid Khalidi, who ... Read More »

Egypt, a change on hold

Sectarianism-Arab Spring- Egypr- Anti-Orientalist

Fourteen months after the Egyptian revolution, uncertainty reigns. Walking in Cairo’s streets, I can sense the fear of what tomorrow might bring; but then, a strange feeling settles in. A vibe of energy engulfs the air; I feel its ripples, but struggle to find its source… Passing a group of students talk about politics in the University of Cairo’s main ... Read More »