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The “Conservative” Party of Canada & its influence on the Canadian Political Brand


As the United States of America has been spoiling its global soft-power appeal through Donald Trump’s presidency, Canada has been in the spotlight as a better alternative and marketed as a proper model of Western governance. Unlike Washington, Ottawa derives its global clout without primarily relying on its aggressive use of military and security apparatus.

While the Canadian model of governance has many problems of its own, due to the current appalling image and perception of the US governance model, Ottawa has been receiving favorable coverage. This, however, can drastically change if the Conservative Party of Canada wins the federal parliamentary elections in October 2019. Why? Number one reason is that the “Conservative” rule over Canada’s crucial federal territory, Ontario, has been a disaster. The “Conservative” premier of Ontario, Doug Ford has done such a poor job, that it is now an open secret that he is a liability for the Conservative Party. Without going into well known details of Ford’s dismal performance, Ford’s primary strategic dent for Canada is his brand’s association with Trumpism.

Today, Canada is seen as a better societal model suited for maintaining the narrative that Liberalism is still a sustainable model of governance. With the rise of the alt-right under the veneer of Conservatism and patriotism”, from Washington to Vienna, Liberalism is in deep political and intellectual crisis. Today, it can be said confidently, that Canada is one of the very few remaining positive models that Liberalism is left with. The electoral victory of the “Conservative” Party, which simply wants to conserve the Eurocentric domination of Canada’s multi-cultural society, will hit Canada hard in terms of its global outreach.  Canada’s primary global appeal is primarily based on its multiculturalism which benefits it economically and politically.

Thus, the upcoming elections in Canada are not only to be viewed as a local matter, but a global one. Canadians who vote for the “Conservative” candidates do not realize that most of the time there is very little conservative or Christian about the Conservative Party of Canada and the candidates it puts forward. Sure, there are a lot of flaws with the Liberal Party and the NDP, but their fundamental worldview is far more suited to govern Canada in a stable manner. Canada is a multicultural society and no “send them back” slogan, open or subtle, is going to change this. It will simply create tensions in a multi-ethnic state and thus undermine the prosperity and stability of Canada.

Just like in business, in politics branding is as important as the product or service itself. By damaging the Canadian brand of multi-culturalism, Canada as a state will be reduced to a second-tier state system and further galvanize the socio-political forces which do not offer a concreate program, but simplistic slogans. We have seen this with buck a beer “program.”

Canadian Liberalism, just like other NATO member states, is in deep intellectual and socio-economic crisis and these can only be solved through broadly appealing policies that aim to unite a multicultural and diverse society, dividing it further according to shallow slogans borrowed from the troubled past are useless and counterproductive. The world of 2019 is very different from that of the 1930s or 1950s, slogans which are passed as solutions without taking this into account are bound to fail. The reality is that the only way to be a successful governing party in Canada is by having a broad and inclusive outlook, sectionalizing a diverse society as Canada, of which Liberals are also partly guilty, is a no starter.

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