Wednesday , 3 March 2021
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Mehdi Hasan perplexes Israeli guest to expose Israel’s unprincipled politics: willing to sleep with the devil if it benefits her.

Not many politicians dare stick to their principles in times of mediocracy and hypocrisy. Tony Benn did, and he did it well. May you rest in peace.

A documentary explaining of Orientalism by the creator of the concept Edward Said.

Edward Said On Orientalism

This video presents a textbook example of the orientalist view on the Middle East.
The scholars, Kaplan and Friedman, perceive identities in these regions as primordial. The main message is that these diverse groups are inherently contradictory to one another, leaving them no hope to create a state built on citizenship.
That is why they need a strong authoritarian regime to keep them together.

In the beginning of their video while introducing the different civilizations they completely ignore the Levant and reduce it to Israel being the only cohesive country there. No mention of the Canaanites, the Phoenicians and other cultures.
They also do not approach sectarianism as a layer of identity that can be strengthened or weakened depending on the narrative they function in. It is very important to know the perspectives of such thinkers because they drive most of the policies of some western governments, especially the United States of America.

George Friedman and Robert D. Kaplan on the Rise of Sectarianism in the Middle East



US Policies Help Fund Terrorism

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For the USA, the ends justify the means whatever the results. This is what we relearned today in the testimony of General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in front of a Senate committee. Dempsey accused Arab allies of funding IS, the discussion that followed was as interesting, as much as it was telling, of US policies:    Dempsey: I know of ... Read More »

EU Financing IS With Blood Oil (VIDEO INSIDE)

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Jana Hybaskova, Head of the EU Delegation in Iraq EP Committee on Foreign Affairs, declared today that some European countries are buying oil from the Islamic State (IS) (Video below). In a panel on Crises in the EU wider neighbourhood (Iraq and Ukraine), Hybaskova warned that such actions are financing the terrorist activities of the organization. Estimates talk of figures close to  sixteen ... Read More »