Tuesday , 19 January 2021
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EU Financing IS With Blood Oil (VIDEO INSIDE)

Jana Hybaskova, Head of the EU Delegation in Iraq EP Committee on Foreign Affairs, declared today that some European countries are buying oil from the Islamic State (IS) (Video below). In a panel on Crises in the EU wider neighbourhood (Iraq and Ukraine), Hybaskova warned that such actions are financing the terrorist activities of the organization.

Estimates talk of figures close to  sixteen million dollars of daily oil sales for IS. The self-declared caliphate is selling the oil barrel for 30$, undercutting the market price by 70$ approximately. The revealing announcement  of the European official comes at a time where IS is growing exponentially with reports talking about 6,000 recruits last month only.

While Hybaskova did not disclose the identity of these countries, she warned of the dangers of such policies and called for immediate sanctions against them. The question that many are pondering right now: If EU members are buying the oil from a terrorist organization, what other countries, with less political and legal restrictions, are buying blood oil?


Jana Hybaskova on Europeans financing IS


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