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Is Being “Anti-Orientalist” A Bad Thing?

The featured article covers a topic relevant to the theme of the anti-orientalist project as a whole. It talks about how being anti-orientalist can actually be a bad thing. The author, Rahila Gupta, talks about the negative aspect of being orientalist and as she calls it anti-orientalist. She rightly points to how some adversaries of orientalism use it  to advance other backwards concepts of their own. They do so by associating orientalism with progressive concepts such as citizenship and women’s rights to consequently dismiss them as incompatible to their respective communities.

Gupta advises to disassociate orientalism with progressive concepts that were born in the west but are not necessarily bound by it.  An advice that is very realistic, smart, and represents the core message of In the same way that Gupta advises to stay away from wrongfully associating certain concepts with Orientalism, She should do the same thing with anti-orientalism.

There are many ways to combat orientalist thinking, some of them are good, others are bad; as in the example presented above. Being against a certain concept or idea puts you automatically on the opposite side, the anti side. The side that Gupta and this project are both on. This clarification was essential before presenting you with this insightful article that is a part of a whole series pertaining to Orientalism and citizenship. Equally important is the discussion following Miss Gupta’s article.

Taking A Flawed Stand Against Orientalism – Rahila Gupta

The Oecumene Project 




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