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Why Anti-Orientalist?

Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.
Sigmund Freud

The world has never been as interconnected as much as it is today. Although nationalism is still strong, the concept of the global citizen is emerging. This is also establishing a new reality: The internet has empowered each one of us to influence events worldwide. The degree of impact is debatable but it is present, take the Koni video for example which galvanized many people to become activists overnight. While their intentions were in the right place they were misinformed and taken advantage of by a group of opportunists. Nevertheless, it reveals a frightening reality: how informed are we? and if a group of amateurs can mislead us by making an attractive video, what can seasoned politicians, media outlets, lobbyists, and corporations do to us?

Misinformation and ignorance are also characteristics of this new age. Information overload as well as the media frenzy to win over the audience has sacrificed objectivity and quality content. Today, which flashier news and program attracts more people. It’s the age of fast-food news. Even discovery channel has turned to reality shows about hill billies to increase audience rates.

In a democratic society having access to objective information is essential to the whole process. A citizen that is well informed is a citizen empowered to make better decisions, elect qualified representatives, and keep his/her government in check. This is also true on the global level. The actions of your government impacts people far away that you share the world with. Imagine what a system collapse in China would have on the world economy. Environment, security, economy, society, and much more aspects of our lives require us to be educated and informed, correctly, on what happens in the world, and this is what, dear readers, inspired the idea of this site.

As researchers focused on the Middle East, we have found that objectivity is lacking in the west concerning this complex area of the world. With major events unfolding in the Middle East, many of us are left scratching our heads. The policies of our governments have been incoherent at best: How can you ask for one dictatorship to go while you turn a blind eye to another? Residents of the western world often find themselves entangled in a web of facts and counter-facts which would lead an academic to confusion, not to mention your average Joe. We believe that the driving force behind this confusion has roots in what is called Orientalism.

Orientalism is a term used to describe the often diluted perspective of westerners analyzing the orient. It was mainly common practice in the 18th and 19th century. Although today it is a denounced concept, many in the west still practice it. On political and academic levels residues of orientalist thinking is implicitly or explicitly utilized to further certain policies or points of views. This projects hopes to contribute in setting the record straight.

The information and misinformation is abundant and we are here to help you and ourselves make sense of it. With the contribution of many guest writers, partner blogs, and media material, you can get acquainted with many of today’s hottest topics without the need to google for hours. Expert advice will be brought to you by young and enthusiastic writers and researchers that are familiar with the region inside out.

Be informed. Change your perspective.





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